Tuesday, June 16, 2009

POTD: it's bright out

My little cousin is a ham. She's always game for my little suggestions of "Jump off the bed!" or "Go hug that traffic cone!"

Can you tell that I love jumping pictures? I like the spontaneity of it, particularly how no matter how much you "plan" the look of the picture, you never actually know what you'll get. There's the timing of the jump, and the end result relies on the exact millisecond the shutter clicks. That crucial timing could be the difference between capturing a launch, hang time, or descent.

But I think my favorite thing about jumping pictures is discovering a person's "jumping face." Maybe it's the silliness of the act of jumping - after all, most people don't jump on a daily basis. Whatever the reason, there's something about the brief moment of air time in a jump that brings out the biggest, wackiest grins on people's faces.


Sharon said...

i love jumping pictures! though i always scrunch my face and end up looking weird in them :)

Rosemary said...

Jumping pix are so fun! I agree with Sharon though, my face always ends up looking pruny. And, the shadow pic cool too!

toast said...

Sharon - That's so weird, I have the total opposite jumping face! I tend to overextend my jaw into the biggest, goofiest smile. Not to mention all around unattractive. XD

Rosemary - Thanks! I wonder if there's some kind of way to coach our jumping face into not automatically veering into "crazy" mode?