Monday, June 1, 2009

POTDs: graduation, brothers

Can you tell what kind of animals these twin fellas are? Hint: their names are Keiko and Mini-Me.


There was no post yesterday due to unfortunate chaos. My cousin graduated from high school, but then got into a nasty car accident on the way to her celebratory dinner. Her car, which was still new, was crushed like a soda can. Good news is, everyone involved is fine aside from bruises and being shaken up from the ordeal.

Here's what was supposed to be yesterday's POTDs, both taken before the incident:

That's the graduate on the bottom! We were her cheerleaders.


Sharon said...

agh! orca whales, too cute :)
and sorry about the accident, thank goodness everyone is safe!

toast said...

Sharon - Yup! I love orca whales! They've got to be one of the most beautiful creatures on our planet. And I agree, I'm very, very happy that everyone came out of the accident okay.